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TYP vs Min Battery Comparison

The Difference Between a 4500mAh (TYP) and 4390mAh (MIN) Smartphone Battery: A Comparison

When shopping for a smartphone, it’s important to consider the battery life of the device, as this can greatly impact the user experience. Two common terms you may come across when evaluating smartphone batteries are “TYP” and “MIN”. These terms refer to the typical and minimum capacity of the battery, respectively. For example, a smartphone battery with a capacity of 4500mAh (TYP) and 4390mAh (MIN) has a typical capacity of 4500mAh and a minimum capacity of 4390mAh.

TYP (Typical) capacity:

The TYP capacity of a smartphone battery refers to the average or most common capacity of the battery. This is the capacity that the battery will typically provide under normal conditions. A 4500mAh (TYP) battery, for example, will typically provide a battery life of around 4500mAh.

MIN (Minimum) capacity:

The MIN capacity of a smartphone battery, on the other hand, refers to the minimum capacity that the battery can provide under certain conditions. This could be due to factors such as environmental conditions, the age of the battery, or other factors that can impact battery performance. A 4390mAh (MIN) battery, for example, may provide a battery life of around 4390mAh or less.

Difference between TYP and MIN:

The difference between TYP and MIN capacity is simply the range of capacity that the battery can provide. For example, a 4500mAh (TYP) battery may have a range of capacity from 4500mAh to 4390mAh (MIN). This means that the battery can provide a capacity of 4500mAh under typical conditions and a minimum capacity of 4390mAh under certain conditions.


In conclusion, it’s important to understand the difference between TYP and MIN capacity when evaluating smartphone batteries. While TYP capacity provides a general idea of the battery life, MIN capacity provides a minimum estimate of the battery life. When comparing batteries with different TYP and MIN capacities, it’s important to consider both the TYP and MIN capacities to get a better understanding of the battery life you can expect from the device.



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